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Hall of Shame -Boycott Corporations Supporting Anti-Gay Organizations as of 8/01/11
Hall of Shame - Corporations Supporting Anti-Gay Organizations as of 8/01/11

The Boycott - My Story

In the summer of 2011, just two months after I started blogging, I called for a boycott of the biggest retail companies in the country, because they were funnelling money to rabidly anti-gay hate groups and religious groups via an affiliate marketing scheme. 

Little did I know that I was taking on the entire religious right, or that I would be threatened by Tony Perkins and Mike Huckabee. It started with a press release and turned into a war, and people all over the country were talking about it. This is a brief summary of the boycott's highlights.

The best part of the 'boycott' story is that I won!

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Roy Steele

The Press Release

It’s A Culture War Bitch!

Roy Steele had nothing to fear when he took on the wealthy and powerful anti-gay hate groups, with their spineless pretend “Christian” leaders, who promptly declared war on him and his boycott, as they vowed to destroy and derail his mission.

They used every tool they could think of, to intimidate and scare him off. They refused to publicly say his name out loud, because they knew he was a one man band, working alone and taking them on solo. The worst thing they could do was generate support or public sympathy for a sinner who engaged in homosexual behavior.

If “Family” Is In The Group's Name It Should Be Replaced With “Vagina”

The American Family Asshole-sociation, DeFocus on the Family, and the Family Besmirch Council, quickly designed a slick website, with online petitions, and campaign materials to be passed out in churches around the country.

In press releases and on their nationwide Christian radio networks, they would only refer to Roy as “the blogger.”

The Family Besmirch Council’s Tony Perkins and the Catholic Bush League’s Bill Donohue spent an hour of precious radio air time detailing how they were going to destroy the left coast blogger because he’s a sinful homosexual, who’s stupid and naive. Their “religious freedom” was under attack!

One of their minions went on a different radio show, and threatened Roy’s physical safety, and said that he was evil and destined for hell, and would experience a painful and violent end. Little did they know that Roy was already half dead from the treatments he was undergoing, and nothing they could say or do scared him at all.

During that time period, emails arrived in his inbox every day for months, with homophobic anti-gay slurs, and threats of bodily harm and gun violence. Prank phone calls and voicemail messages arrived too, filled with more threats of violence and hate speech, delivered in the name of Christ and Christianity.

While this storm brewed around him, he made sure that he called the best known national retail organizations and travel companies, every day. There were days when he had to put the phone down to vomit, and came back to continue the call. He told retailer’s that their online sales were generating revenue to support Christian organizations who were designated as anti-gay hate groups and that they were anti-women too.

Three Gay Cheers For Macy’s, Target and Expedia!

Roy asked the retail companies to sever ties with the Christian Values Network (CVN) and Charity Give Back Group (CGBG) affiliate marketing scheme, and the vast majority were supportive and immediately did just that. They rejected these anti-gay organizations, and many made public statements to support Roy and his mission. Thousands of people rallied on Facebook and other social networks, to help shut this scheme down.

The most prominent retailer who initially pledged support, and then changed their mind, was Walmart. Roy has never shopped in a Walmart, and he pledged to never step one foot in a Walmart store in his lifetime. Walmart is NOT a friend of the LGBT community.

In the end, Roy won his fight with the Christian Values Network (CVN) and the Charity Give Back Group (CGBG), and he cut off a revenue stream that the American Family Asshole-sociation, DeFocus on the Family, and the Family Besmirch Council, were counting on.
He fought for his Christian values, and what he believes is right. And he won.


The Christian Values Network (CVN) and Charity Give Back Group (CGBG) were forced to go out of business because they didn’t have any Christian values. Boo hoo! NOT! And ever since Roy won this “culture war,” the anti-gay organizations have been crying foul, and they complain about being “bullied by the gays.”With over 40 million evangelicals, and just a handful of LGBT people, how can we bully anyone?

Payback is a bitch. Doncha think?

For the LGBT community:

If you are interested in promoting or helping with this tolerance and diversity campaign, please email me!

If you are interested in obtaining information regarding this boycott and call to action, feel free to email me!

For Retailers and Travel Suppliers:

FACTS you need to know about the Faith and Family Values, Inc., Christian Values Network (CVN), the Jewish Giving Network (TJGN), or Ubuy2Give, Inc.:
Each of these LLC’s are incorporated in Nevada and operated as one company despite the numerous names and acronyms. (shell game)
  • The Faith & Family Values Network, Inc.
  • UBuy2Give, Inc.
  • Christian Values Network LLC
  • Charity Give Back Group LLC
  • Jewish Giving Network LLC
  • UBuy2Give.org
  • CVN.org
  • CGBG.org.
  • In your affiliate marketing set up – whether you use Linkshare, Commission Junction, or DoubleClick, search for CVN and TJGN.
  • Online orders are placed and tracked via CVN, in Connecticut.
  • All accounting, and remittances to affiliates are processed via TJGN, in Florida.

PLEASE NOTE: You only will be able to disable affiliate tracking by placing the hold on CVN. They might disregard your demand to sever the affiliate relationship, and might attempt to add you back to their roster of stores through the back office software auto-approval process - so you must designate a monitor to make monthly reviews of their activity. I will notify you of any unusual activity I happen to see.

If you support these affiliate marketing schemes, you are supporting bigotry and hate.

The Faith and Family Values Network, Inc. or UBuy2Give, Inc. Retail Stores and Travel Supplier Roster is available upon request.

Please boycott stores that support anti-gay and anti-women organizations!

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